Boris, Tralf Music Hall, August 2014

“Sunflower” June 2014

Complex Media, “A Field Guide to DC Douchebags” May 2014

Rochester Cocktail Revival Poster, May 2014

Cherish Records / Green Dreams, “Rich Man/Poor Man” EP, May 2014

CITY Newspaper, Collaboration with St. Monci (AD: Matt DeTurck) February 2014

Canto Magazine, “Pitfall Ascensions & Gratitude” January 2014

Canto Magazine, cover January 2014

Dadstache Records/Perfect Pussy, poster January 2014

“Unravel” November 2013

“The Driver” November 2013

Complex Media, “The Summer Smash Analog Widget” June 2013

Wall/Therapy 2013

Complex Media, “A Field Guide to NYC Douchebags” April 2013

“Know Your Options” for Planned Parenthood